Project Description

Nestled into the rolling hills of north Pasco County, along the banks of Moody Lake, are 131 acres of land that had been in active citrus production before greening and canker destroyed the grove making agriculture no longer practical at this location. The property is conveniently located along Interstate 75 just south of the Blanton Road interchange and west of Lake Iola Road.

With growing trends in the recreational vehicle (RV) industry and Pasco County’s focus on attracting nature-oriented visitors, the land is ideally suited for our plans to create a luxury lakeside RV resort. With many modern and upscale amenities, the resort will be a complement to the attractions and businesses in the surrounding area and offer visitors an abundance of resort-style experiences.

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North Pasco County and our RV Resort: A Perfect Fit

The recreational vehicle industry is booming on a national level and especially as a segment of Florida’s tourism industry. More people than ever before are looking to escape from home, experience nature and have fun in the great outdoors. The RV industry, from vehicle sales to RV resorts, has expanded and is not only attracting retirees but also working baby boomers, millennials and others. 

Supporting Pasco County’s Tourism Industry

To take advantage of this growing tourism sector, the theme of Pasco County’s Tourist Development Council’s recently launched campaign is all about active and passive recreation so visitors can #GetBackToAdventure. North Pasco County in particular, with its focus on nature and outdoor recreation, is the perfect location for our new, luxury RV resort. 

The easily accessible interchanges on I75 to the south (Wesley Chapel) provide additional amenities for resort guests and will be a welcome addition to Wesley Chapel’s local economy.

Location description:  The property is bordered by Interstate 75 to the east and south, Lake Iola Road to the west and Moody Lake to the north.


Our plans call for changes to Pasco County’s Comprehensive Plan and Zoning and we are currently going through a governmental review process. If approved, we hope to break ground within the next three years.